Sensational Sleeves Will Showcase Your Bridesmaids in Style

MoriLee, style 21551: This chiffon dream features a flounced, halter style neckline complete with cold-shoulder detailing. Delicate florals are prevalent throughout this flowing A-line bridesmaid dress. Available in a plethora of colors (pictured above in Sea Glass). Available sizes: 0-28.

Ladies, to help you find the most flattering gowns for your bridesmaids, look for unique detailing. A key design element that is often overlooked is sleeve styling. The sleeve on a wedding dress or bridesmaid gown can change its appearance substantially. Learn more about sleeve styles with this extensive list:

Balloon. Full, round and balloon-shaped over the shoulder and upper arm, then narrowing over the lower arm and wrist.

Bell. Fitted over the bicep and then flares slightly outward (like a bell) over the forearm. This detail adds interest and something special to a simpler, classic and unadorned gown.

Bishop. Puffs a bit at the shoulder, then expands fuller over the arm, then gathers at the wrist. A very casual and natural look.

Cap. A short extension to a sleeveless look, offering a ‘pouf’ of fabric over the shoulder, gathering under or against the very top of the arm.

Dolman. Also termed the ‘batwing’ style, the fabric begins very wide at the ribcage or waist, then narrows at the wrist.

Fitted point. The long, fitted sleeve extending to a point-shape at the wrist or top of the hand.

Gauntlet. A pouf at the top of the arm, then a separate section that covers the entire arm, coming to a point at the top of the hand. The bottom section may be a full-length glove for removal later.

Gigot. A large, round pouf over the shoulder, then narrowing over the arm to encircle the wrist.

Illusion. Sheer netting-type material that forms a see-through sleeve yet offers ‘the illusion’ of coverage. If you’re not happy with your upper arms, this type of sleeve may be for you.

Juliet. A full sleeve extending down to the wrist, with a ‘puff’ accent at the shoulder and upper arm. Again, see the illustration.

Off the Shoulder. Wraps across the upper arms, leaving the shoulders bare.

Petal. The short sleeves are made of two to three different panels that overlap to look like a tulip in bloom.

Poet. Fitted close over the upper arm, and then flares out widely from the elbow, with long ruffles at the wrist length. It’s called the ‘poet,’ because it’s reminiscent of the Shakespearean era. This sleeve has a heritage feeling, movement and flow, and is a romantic accent to a traditional gown.

Pouf. A larger cap sleeve, ending lower on the arm.

Spaghetti straps. A strapless dress is held up by a skinny strap or fabric band over each shoulder.

Tee shirt. Extending three to four inches below your shoulders, this sleeve type resembles the traditional tee shirt sleeve cut.

Three-quarter. Extending from the shoulder to mid-forearm.

Tulip. A petal-shape, with several flaps of fabric overlapping to resemble a flower. Also called the “criss-cross sleeve.”

Sorella Vita, style 8472: Have some creative input with this Maid Your Way Convertible Chiffon bridesmaid gown. All your ladies can customize to their own personality with over 18 figure-flattering looks. Mix it up or match it up, the choice is yours. Two streamers are attached to the front of the dress and two to the back for endless options. The look is completed by a satin belt. This bridesmaid dress is also available in cocktail length.

After Six, style 6769: This crepe gown features a princess style cut and modified shoulder bow. The natural waist features a matching inset waistband for regal definition. There is a gorgeous slit along the front section of the elegant trumpet skirt. Available in numerous colors. Available sizes: 00-30W and 00-30W extra length.